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A cursed nation. An unlikely heroine. Deadly stakes. This love could kill…

A jaded fae princess and a few words whispered in the dark…that’s all it took for the prosperous country of Leiria to fall under a curse. Disease, famine and calamity followed. Fifteen years later, Samiris is one of the Chosen, a group of young women brought to the palace to try and break the curse. But if they fail, one of them will die.

Unlike the rest of the girls, who see living in the palace with the Crown Prince as an exciting privilege, Samiris is indifferent to the social whirl and offended by the sumptuous wealth present in the capital. She just wants to go home to take care of her sick father and younger sister.

Can Samiris survive the social intrigue at court, deadly plots against the Chosen, a seemingly unloveable Crown Prince, and a stubborn adversary to break the curse?

A Sharpened Axe is a stand-alone, young adult fairy tale retelling with intrigue and romance, for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Holly Black, and Brigid Kemmerer. If you like a strong female lead, fast paced action, and slow burn romance, then you’ll love this exciting book!

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I’m currently working on FIVE NEW BOOKS set in the land of Leiria. 

What started as one book took on a life of it’s own. Two are completed, two are drafted, and one is still a manic chuckle in the back of my mind…


I am very hopeful that I will start releasing these in 2024.


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Content Advisement for This Series: 

This series contains some violence. There is mild bad language, if any at all. If these books were movies, I would rate them ‘PG-13’ for action and violence.